Axioms… (at 40)


So I turned 40 a few weeks back and decided to make a list of axioms that I’ve picked up, stolen, or discovered in these few decades of being here. Some of these I could of made up or just forgotten their source, but they are mine in the sense that I belief them enough to guide my thoughts and actions.

I’ve thought about spending some time (possibly in the future) on expanding what I mean, but I will share the list and let those that read them, steal and interpret their own understanding.

The “you” is these statements are directed at “me” when I wrote them.

  1. Wisdom comes from 2 sources: Stupidity or Suffering.
  2. Peace and Happiness comes from 2 sources: Gratitude and Humility
  3. Sweat everyday
  4. Accept entropy and work to rebuild that which you want to prevail
  5. Discipline = Freedom
  6. There are no such things as “adults”
  7. Pride…

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