William Franz Public School: A Must-Read for Those Who Think They Know New Orleans

deutsch29: Mercedes Schneider's Blog

Anyone purporting to understand the challenges of K12 education in New Orleans absent knowledge of the disgraceful, entrenched history of Black oppression and White superiority in the city (and enabled by the layering of racist attitudes at the state level in multiple states) is only interfering with any genuine effort to address the problem.

It is convenient for would-be education reformers to begin their discussions with New Orleans public school test scores prior to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, or to issues with the Orleans Parish School Board prior to the storm, but such discussions only reveal the ignorance (willful or not) of the speaker.

Consider this a call to education, namely, to self-educate about New Orleans and the generations of intentional disenfranchisement of the Black community by entitled Whites.

To that end, I know of no book better to begin such self-education than William Franz Public School: A Story of…

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