Trump Appoints Unqualified People to Education Research Advisory Board

Diane Ravitch's blog

For most of Trump’s term, he failed to appoint enough members to the National Board for Education Sciences, which has not had a quorum to meet since the end of Obama’s term. Suddenly he announced a flurry of names for the board, and the education research world was shocked to see that Trump’s list included no bona fide education researchers.

The board is supposed to advise the director of the Institute for Education Sciences, but Trump’s eight nominees are unqualified to offer much advice.

Science magazine reports:

One month before his term expires, President Donald Trump has revived a moribund federal education research advisory panel by appointing eight members who appear to have no expertise in the subject area.

The National Board for Education Sciences (NBES) provides guidance to the director of the Institute for Education Science (IES), the research arm of the U.S. Department of Education. But the…

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