An Appeal to Romney to Reconsider

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Robert Kagan, a contributing columnist for the Washington Post, calls on Mitt Romney to reconsider his decision to vote on Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court. Two Republican senators—Connibs and Murkowski—have said that they would not do so. One more Republican vote is needed for a total of four. Kagan explains that Trump plans to use the Supreme Court to overturn the election. Democracy hangs in the balance.

Kagan writes:

In announcing on Tuesday he would support voting for a new Supreme Court justice during an election year, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) said he didn’t want “to look at all the hypotheticals that might occur.” But here’s the hypothetical Romney needs to think about: If the United States slides from democracy to authoritarianism next year, history will record that his vote, along with those of other Republicans, made it possible.

President Trump and his allies have now made it clear…

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