Dana Milbank on the Debate Between Trump and Biden

Diane Ravitch's blog

I watched the debate in full with a sense of horror and disgust. Trump was a bully. He was rude and overbearing. Trump was obnoxious. He degrades the presidency. There was no fact-checking and Trump repeatedly lied.

It should have been X-rated so that young children and adolescents did not see Trump’s crude behavior and assume that’s how adults are supposed to behave. He is a role model of what NOT to do.

I probably won’t watch the remaining “debates,” because what’s the point? The viewer learns nothing and hears lies and sees crude behavior from Trump, who never learned to tell the truth or act properly.

Chris Wallace tried to moderate but he could not control Trump, who was acting like a spoiled brat. I wanted to turn it off but didn’t. It was a disgusting portrayal of the state of American politics. Trump refused to condemn white supremacy…

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