Betsy DeVos: Still Hoping to Divert CARES Act $$ to Private Schools

deutsch29: Mercedes Schneider's Blog

US ed sec Betsy DeVos’ first love is private school choice, and her second love is trying to slice off funding intendend for public education in favor of her first love.

Keep that in mind as you read.

On August 28, 2020, US ed sec Betsy DeVos did an interview with the Wharton Business Daily. Only 90 seconds of the interview is available for listening free of charge, which Wharton introduces thus:

During a special edition of SiriusXM Business Radio’s “Wharton Business Daily”, United States Secretary Of Education, Betsy DeVos, talks to Show Host, Dan Loney, about the positive changes to America’s education system that the COVID-19 pandemic will force.

Below are DeVos’ words in those 90 seconds, trascribed as follows:

We highly value education as a nation, and, again, I think the last six months have really revealed the fact that the system that most students have been a…

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