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School Year 2020-21: We Are Asking the Wrong Questions

Originally posted on Daniel Katz, Ph.D.:
It is perfectly understandable that many in our country want public school buildings to be open for in person instruction this year. Among the many hardships of COVID-19 lock downs school closures were…

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Democrats Recognize Essential Role of Public Schools, Whose Needs Trump and DeVos Don’t Bother to Notice

Originally posted on janresseger:
In a refreshing development this week, as Democrats held their convention to nominate Joe Biden as the Democratic candidate for President and Kamala Harris for Vice President, public education was made visible again as an institution…

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What Schools Did During the Spanish Flu Pandemic a Century Ago

Originally posted on Diane Ravitch's blog:
CNN published a very good article about what happened to the schools and their students during the so-called “Spanish Flu” pandemic of 1917-18. Many schools closed. Three large urban districts stayed open because…

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