Trumpian Rhapsody, with Apologies to the Late, Great Freddie Mercury


Bob Shepherd | Praxis

Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in my web of lies,
There’s no escape from me.
Don’t open your eyes,
Don’t doubt my lies. Please see. . . .
A poor little rich boy, I’m just so needy.
Very dumb, very slow,
Little, next to nothing, know.
Everything I do blows. Nothing really matters
But me,
But me.
Mama, I dye my hair like yours.
And I comb it ‘cross my head,
Want approval though you’re dead.
Wanted you to say, “You’re the greatest, son,”
Though you are gone, that drives me to this day.
Mama, ooo, ooo, ooo, oo,
You and Daddy made me cry, so
I’m needy yesterday, today, tomorrow.
Carry on, carry on. Nothing really matters.
I figured that,my time had come,
Ran through my last dime,
Thought I’d probably do some time.
But then Putin came, and rescued me,
Left that history…

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