What Lessons Are We Teaching Our Students!

Each school district in the State of Texas is required each year to publish a Student Handbook with the local guidelines and expectation. To assist with this each school year, the Texas Association of School Boards publishes a template to expedite the process. Included in the template is the following statement or one similar.

Clothing with visual or written messages likely to disrupt the school environment is prohibited.

Examples of such prohibited visual or written messages include, but are not limited to, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, weapons, violence, vulgar or obscene language, and insults to race, religion, gender, or ethnicity.

Well, with this information being common knowledge among teachers and administrators. Today I sent a student to the office at the beginning of 6th period picture of a rifle on the front of it. We have been in class since 710am this morning and 6th period starts around 12pm. So, for almost 5 hours this student has been in the building wearing a shirt with a rifle on the front and no one has addressed it with him.

After I sent him to the office he returned with a piece of paper taped across the rifle, yes paper taped across it. I had to take a picture of it as proof. To make sure you are clear, an adult in the office helped him circumvent the rules rather than enforce them.

What kind of children are we raising if the adults are not teaching the students how to follow the rules?



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