Dispelling the Myths of the College Admissions Tests

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This post was submitted as a comment by a reader who self-identifies as “Democracy”:

There’s little question that the SAT and ACT are marginally “good” at predicting success in college. I’ve made this point here numerous times.

The best predictor of success in college is high school grade point average (including an SAT score doesn’t add much). Moreover, research shows that “the best predictor of both first- and second-year college grades” is unweighted high school grade point average. A high school grade point average “weighted with a full bonus point for AP…is invariably the worst predictor of college performance.”

The College Board, which produces the PSAT, SAT, and Advanced Placement courses and tests, now recommends that schools “implement grade-weighting policies…starting as early as the sixth grade.” Yes, the SIXTH grade! There’s nothing quite like hyping nonsense.

College enrollment specialists say that their research finds the SAT predicts between 3 and…

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