Betsy DeVos Personally Saves Philly Student from a Government… Charter School(?)

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In his February 04, 2020, State of the Union (SOTU), President Donald Trump presented a Philadelphia student with a scholarship paid for “personally” by US ed sec, Betsy Devos, all in the name of “rescuing” a student “trapped in failing government schools.”

Turns out this student attends a Philly charter school, MaST III, which just opened for the 2019-20 school year.

So, this student is trapped in nothing. As proof positive of non-trappedness, the child’s mother, Stephanie Davis, said as much in this February 07, 2020, Philadelphia Inquirer story:

“I don’t view MaST as a school you want to get out of at all. I view it as a great opportunity,” Davis said.

But Davis’ daughter does not attend what DeVos calls a “government school.” This child attends a charter school. So, DeVos is personally paying for a child to possibly leave a charter school to return to a…

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