Education Week: Philanthropists Are Losing Interest in K-12 “Reform” Due to Lack of Results

I wonder why reform hasn’t worked. Let’s see, it has been led by rich people trying to make more money for themselves and not having a clue about education and children’s developmental needs. The Koch brothers are manufacturers, Bill Gates software designer, Waltons superstore owners, Zuckerburg software, and so on. Not a single one of them knows anything about education. They just have money.

As educators, we might as well hire plumbers to reading in our elementary schools. It is the same logic being applied by “reformers”.


I would scream this from a mountain top if people would listen.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Christina Samuels of Education Week reports that philanthropists continue to pour a large percentage of their donations into education, but are losing interest in K-12 due to the poor record of their efforts to “reform” the schools. 

ironically, this is good news because the philanthropic money was used to impose “reforms” that disrupted schools, ranked students based on their test scores, and demoralized teachers.

Schools that serve the neediest children definitely need more money but not the kind that is tied to test scores, stigmatizing students and teachers, or the kind that funds charter schools to drain resources from public schools, leaving them with less money to educate the neediest children.

Samuels reports that a growing number of grant makers to early childhood education are looking to help children before they start school, and giving money to issues such as “education and mental health, education and criminal justice, education and…

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