It’s Not a Flash Drive: Vaping News Teachers and Parents Can Use

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I began my teaching career in 1991. When I think about my contemporary classroom experience and consider my professional world decades ago, I find myself often thinking, “Well, I didn’t see that coming.”

Case in point: Vaping.

Twenty-eight years ago, I never would have imagined that my classroom responsibilities would include actively watching for students to try to inhale concentrated nictotine vapor (laced with other chemicals) using a device at best the size of my index finger– and which easily resembles a flash drive.

This is Juul, the latest in electronic cigarettes. The device operates on a rechargeable battery; it heats up a pod of “juice” that turns into a vapor, ready for inhaling.

IMG_1579“Juul Starter Kit”/

Juul devices can recharge using a computer USB, and since the Juul already resembles a flash drive, it takes a careful eye to discern when a student who is working at…

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