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Bob Shepherd: The Decline of Education Publishing

Originally posted on Diane Ravitch's blog:
Bob Shepherd, polymath, wrote this: When I started to work in educational publishing, many years ago, there were some two hundred or so companies dividing up the textbook market in the United States…

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Why Can’t All of Education Look Like This? (Greg Toppo)

Originally posted on Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice:
From time to time, readers say “Enough, Larry,  about the ubiquity and longevity of age-graded schools and their rules and rhythms or the ‘grammar of schooling.’ ” A few…

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Innovation Ohio Report: Ohio Budget Eases Oversight of Charter Schools and Provides Windfall for Ohio School Vouchers

Originally posted on janresseger:
In the 2020-2021 biennial Ohio budget signed into law in July, lawmakers quietly embedded the radical expansion of school privatization. Rewards for charter schools and tuition voucher expansion are written into the budget in a lots…

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