Pearson Wants to Expand Its Virtual Schools Market; Its “Connections Academy” in Louisiana Is No Selling Factor

deutsch29: Mercedes Schneider's Blog

Connections Academy is a virtual K12 (and possibly pre-K12) school operated by education business mammoth, Pearson.

According to Pearson’s February 2019 earnings call, Pearson is focused on expanding its Connections Academy market. Pearson is undergoing restructuring; it has (and continues to) reduce its workforce and has been selling off less-profitable companies in an effort to recover from unrealized profits, including those Pearson expected from Common Core (CC) and CC-related PARCC testing.

(For Pearson’s market performance over the last decade, click here.)

Pearson reports that the US virtual schools market is worth more than $1.5B and that it sees a “strong pipeline of 2 – 5 new schools in 2019,” with a plan to “scale up in existing states [and] target states with high growth potential.”

In April 2018, Pearson announced opening three new Connections Academies. The way that Pearson establishes its virtual schools in…

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