Ohio: LeBron James’ School Demonstrates that Money and Kindness Matter

I think it would be interesting to see Lebron team up with Ron Clark and open a school

Diane Ravitch's blog

LeBron James’ new public school in Akron, Ohio, but it’s already showing remarkable progress by the only metric the public understands: test scores.

Readers of this blog understand the deficiencies of standardized tests. But in this case, they are bringing attention to the most interesting and high-profile effort in the nation to reform education for the city’s neediest children. 

Bill Gates has thrown billions into failed reforms, like Common Core and teacher evaluation by test scores. Perhaps he should invite LeBron James to advise him.

LeBron James is proving that money makes a difference, when it is used wisely, for example, on small class size.

He has created an innovative model within the public system. His school is not a charter. It is a public school. It purposely chooses the kids least likely to succeed.

Ohio presently spends $1 billion on charters, two-thirds of which are rated D or F…

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