Angie Sullivan Blasts Nevada Legislators and Power Brokers Who Refuse to Fund the Public Schools

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Angie Sullivan is a firebrand on behalf of children in Nevada. She is a first grade teachers in Las Vegas (Clark County), which most people think of in terms of glitz and glamour. But the children she teaches are poor and many barely speak any English. Her school is underfunded. Angie writes frequent email blasts to every legislator and she does not mince words. On April 27, thousands of teachers, parents, and supporters of schools will rally in the streets for more funding for Clark County Schools.

She writes:

Teachers and every person who cares about kids will be in the streets on April 27th.  ❤
And we will let the nation know we are here and have had enough.  ❤
You “Education Experts” who do not believe we have a money problem – stay home. You created this problem   You are the problem  🦠
You are…

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