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Locating Info on Newly-Formed (Ed Reform) Nonprofits

Originally posted on deutsch29: Mercedes Schneider's Blog:
One of the marks of market-based ed reform is the issue of mushrooming nonprofits. Want an instant platform for advancing school choice? Non-career, instant teachers? Test-driven classrooms? Drumming up grass-roots-styled support for…

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Steven Schneider: Why Are Public School Students Disappearing from Movies and TV?

Originally posted on Diane Ravitch's blog:
Stephen Singer has made a surprising observation: Public school students are being erased from TV, Movies, and Other Media. Why? You will find his answer here.

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Whatever Happened To ‘The Waiting For Superman’ Kids?

Originally posted on Gary Rubinstein's Blog:
The PR of education reform focuses on the feel-good, beating the odds, stories about heroic teachers and and rock-star superintendents who never give up on their students. There are the 106 original graduates…

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