Teachers Are Testing Us: In State Elections, Will We Reject the Anti-Tax, Pro-Privatization Orthodoxy of the Far Right?


In an extraordinary photo essay, USA Today profiled a day in the life of 15 teachers who work in public schools across the United States.  As we approach election day next week, here is how that report concludes: “Teachers hold our hands and wipe our noses, tell us we can be more than we are, maybe more then we think we can be. In return, we tell pollsters that they’re underpaid, without being sure what they actually make; that we endorse collective bargaining, yet often resist higher taxes, that we even support their right to strike, preferably in someone else’s district. A day with American public school teachers ends with this irony: These people, whom opinion polls show to be among the nation’s most respected, feel disrespected. This year, that dichotomy led to revolt. Where it leads next is a matter for speculation….”

One indicator of what to watch is…

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