Orlando Sentinel Investigated Florida Voucher Schools and the Results Were Alarming

“the 24-year-old principal of TDR Learning Academy in Orlando who is a student at Valencia College.” “Gonzalez, the pastor’s son-in-law”

Does anymore really need to be said

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The Orlando Sentinel spent months investigating voucher schools in the state of Florida, and the results were alarming.

Even though the state constitution forbids any public money going to any religious school, whether directly or indirectly, the state has created multiple voucher programs and ignored the state constitution.

Even though voters refused to repeal or revise the section of the state constitution prohibiting public money being spent on religious schools, whether directly or indirectly, the state now spends $1 billion each year paying for private school tuition, mostly spent to pay for religious schools.

The voucher schools are completely unregulated.

They teach whatever they want, including racism and scientific nonsense.

They discriminate against students who are not “their kind.”

They do not have to take state tests.

They do not have to meet any academic standards.

They are allowed to hire not only uncertified teachers, but “teachers” who never finished…

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