Florida Judge Orders Charter-School-Concealing “Amendment 8” Removed from November 2018 Ballot; Appeal Expected

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Leon County (Florida) Circuit Court Judge John Cooper found in favor of plaintiffs, League of Women Voters, in a suit filed in July 2018 against Ken Detzner in his capacity as Florida Secretary of State, regarding the misleading language in a Florida constitutional amendment set to become a ballot issue, Amendment 8 (aka Revision 8).

Some history on the situation from Ballotpedia:

Florida Amendment 8, the School Board Term Limits, Allow State to Operate Non-Board Established Schools, and Civic Literacy Amendment, is not on the ballot in Florida as a commission referral on November 6, 2018.

“yes” vote would have supported this amendment to:

  • establish a term limit of eight consecutive years for school board members;
  • allow the state government to operate, supervise, and control public schools not established by the school board; and
  • require the legislature to promote civic literacy in public education. …


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