An Empire of Death That Made the Sackler Family Billionaires

Diane Ravitch's blog

Purdue Pharmaceuticals manufactures Oxycontin. Oxycontin is the most widely used opioid. Opioid abuse has caused at least 200,000 deaths.

The New York Times reports that an internal Justice Department investigation determined that Purdue was warned about the highly addictive nature of its prize product but did not change its marketing and promotion of Oxycontin.

According to Forbes, the Sacklers are now worth $14 Billion. Aside from endowing museums and universities, the Sacklers are major supporters of charter schools. Jonathan Sackler founded ConnCAN in Connecticut and 50CAN to spread the charter school gospel.

Purdue Pharma, the company that planted the seeds of the opioid epidemic through its aggressive marketing of OxyContin, has long claimed it was unaware of the powerful opioid painkiller’s growing abuse until years after it went on the market.

But a copy of a confidential Justice Department report shows that federal prosecutors investigating the company found that Purdue…

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