Valerie Strauss: What DeVos Could Not or Would Not Say at Her Latest Congressional Hearing

Diane Ravitch's blog

Our faithful reader Charles asked me a few days ago why I had written nothing about Betsy DeVos’ appearance before Congress. I confess I have a very difficult time watching her testify because I always feel that she is being evasive or duplicitous. She doesn’t say what is on her mind or in her heart. She wants to convince people that she really cares about children, when we know that she really cares about one thing only: School choice. She has taken steps to harm children and college students but she never says flat out what she did and why she did it. Her interview with Leslie Stahl on “60 Minutes” was not atypical. She was primed and ready to dodge questions, not to explain anything candidly. She continues this pattern and I find it painful to watch.

Valerie Strauss wrote a column about DeVos’ testimony on her indispensable “Answer…

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