Russian-Produced School Shooter Video Game Removed from Online Store

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There’s so much in the title of this post that is shocking.

Russian-based company, Revived Games, developed a school-shooter video game called “Active Shooter,” which, according to, “lets players take on the role of a school shooter.”

The online seller of “Active Shooter,” a developer called Valve, which operates the online platform, Steam, has revoked the game, no doubt because of public outcry. The school shooter game was supposed to be released June 6th. Now it is nixed.

The fact that Valve agreed to make the game available in the first place shows how far online gaming will go to make a buck. However, based on its statement below, Valve will be taking the action further by “addressing its content policies soon.”

As notes, Buzzfeed included the following abhorrent description of the game:


My first awareness of the school shooting game involved seeing this petition on…

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