Noblesville, Indiana: A Dad Sends His Little Ninja Off to School, Then Hears About Lockdown

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How does a parent react when he sends his beloved little one to school in small town America, where everyone knows their neighbors, and gets a text message that the schools are in lockdown? How does the parent write about it when he is a novelist who writes novels for adolescents?

Rob Kent tells the story of the lockdown in Noblesville, Indiana.

“I ran all the way home.

“I got online to read the news.

“God didn’t let my baby be murdered today. Or there is no God and I got lucky. I don’t know. Maybe it’s the Indiana in me, but I needed God to be real today and today She was.

“When I read the news, I saw the shooter had already been apprehended. And it was the middle school, not the elementary school that had been attacked. So my baby was probably okay… probably.

“It’s Little Ninja’s…

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