Eunice Han: Teachers’ Unions Improve Teacher Quality

Diane Ravitch's blog

The Supreme Court will soon issue an opinion in the Janus case, which will have a big impact on unions if Janus wins as most observers expect, by reducing their membership, revenues, and political power.

Janus belongs to a union. He wants the benefits the union negotiates but he doesn’t want to pay dues. He says the union has political views he does not support. But the political activities of the union are not supported by Janus’ dues. No matter. Corporations and rightwing zealots have tried to squelch the labor movement for decades. They have nearly succeeded in the private sector, and now they are targeting the public sector. If they get what they want, working people will have no political power, and big corporations will exercise their influence solely for self-enrichment, with no countervailing power for their employees.

Why do unions matter in education? They give teachers a voice…

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