Pennsylvania’s Zombie School Voucher Bill is Back! And It Wants Your Tax Dollars!



First, there was the horror of a School Voucher Bill.

No one wanted it.

It robbed kids of a quality education. It violated the Constitution. And raised taxes.

So it was soundly defeated.

Then there was Bride of the Voucher Bill.

And it likewise went down in flames.

This was soon followed by Son of the Voucher Bill.

Return of the Voucher Bill.

School Vouchers from the Black Lagoon.

Plan Voucher from Outer Space.

And a host of B-grade legislation straight from the desk of a billionaire think tank to Harrisburg.

All ended up in the same place – the legislative graveyard. Oooh! Scary!

Now we have the latest shambling zombie iteration of a voucher bill, called Senate Bill 2.

Yesterday, after years of false starts and political wheeling and dealing, it’s finally been voted out of the Education Committee.

Which means it will come to…

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