Nancy Bailey: Smaller Class Size Will Make Schools Safer

We can’t make smaller class sizes. That would mean we would have to hire more teachers. More teachers cost more money. Make classes even larger and saves money.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Nancy Bailey writes about the one proven reform that will schools safer: smaller class size

Smaller classes is REAL personalized learning, and it guarantees that no student will be anonymous.

“High school teachers in this country face class rosters of 30-40 students per class. This means that within the course of a day teachers face approximately 200 students! With so many students it’s difficult to get to know everyone.

“Teachers who strike for better wages and working conditions always ask for a reduction in class size.

“Education reformers have rejected class size reduction. Jeb Bush spoke against it when Florida voted for lowering class size when he was governor, although he is a huge proponent of online “personalized” learning.

“Bill Gates has also been against lowering class size.

“Teachers cannot control what happens in a student’s home, but they can work with students to make school a warm environment…

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