Trump and Congress Launch Libertarian Attack on Poor Adults; Forget All About The Children


Paul Ryan’s firing of the chaplain of the U.S. House of Representatives has cast a bright light on the absence of any kind of public ethics in public policy coming out of the Trump administration and Congress.

The Washington Post‘s Dana Milbank writes: “Praying for the poor is now apparently a firing offense in the corridors of power…Only in this perverted time could a priest lose his job after committing the sin of crying out for justice for the poor. But then, look around: Everywhere are the signs of a rising kleptrocracy. The $1.5 trillion tax cut did make winners of corporations and the wealthy. And actions since then show that the Trump administration is making losers of the poor… If you preach about the poor in today’s Washington, you don’t have a prayer.”

Writing for the Post’s “Morning Plum Line” on Friday, Greg Sargent reported:…

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