Reader: What the Boston Globe Did Not Say About Massachusetts Charters

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Christine Langhoff, retired teacher in Massachusetts, writes:

The big news of the week of course, was the ruling by the MA Supreme Judicial Court that the cap on charters is constitutional. Coverage in the putative newspaper of record, The Boston Globe, sought to portray the decision as public schools and teachers hating on charters.

“The court fight escalated the long-running battle over charter schools, which are controversial because they do not have to be unionized, operate independently of local school districts, and are given more flexibility to set their curriculums, budgets, and staffing levels.”

Importantly, as Professor Cunningham points out, John Henry, The Globe’s owner and publisher, is Klarman’s business partner. Klarman, the billionaire hedge funder, contributed $3 million to the Yes on Question 2 faction. He also holds some $92 million in Puerto Rico’s debt, which bodes ill for the islanders as they face the impending, sweeping charterization…

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1 Response to Reader: What the Boston Globe Did Not Say About Massachusetts Charters

  1. state backed policies have hindered many of the important programs and distorted others in education. In MA they use “euphemisms” for what they are doing like “innovation”. “Special” “investments” “empowerments”. and they usually all mean hedge fund programs that have “hybrid portfolios” that drain funds from the schools (like slum landlords drain from the cities). “The one thing that the Empowerment Zone has had going for it right along, of course, is a stratospheric level of support from Governor Baker and Secretary Peyser, and an unparallel amount of press coverage. While one assumes this will not garner local press coverage (as it isn’t public) unless carefully selected, meeting with carefully selected “leaders” is of course precisely how one goes about circumventing the democratic–and public–process.” (I borrowed this quote from a well known lady)

    The only thing that the “charter” schools have proven across the many states is “grandma’s rule”: TIME ON TASK — just like practicing more piano or more basketball will give you better skills to play the piano or play basketball. Yet, the politicians (and especially Devos and Trump but Governor Baker also) don’t want to pay for the after-school programs or the necessary essentials of the resources that would provide more time per child during the school day, (like librarians, or social workers, or nurses) and instead, they are stripping the resources out of the schools…. one writer called it “gold mining in your own back yard”…

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