John Merrow: End the D.C. Scam and Sham

Diane Ravitch's blog

John Merrow has followed the D.C. fiasco closely. He has been all over D.C. since he spent three years celebrating Michelle Rhee’s Leadership, then realized she was a fraud.

Here he is again, citing the D.C. sham, concentrated first on test scores, then graduation rates.


“Campbell’s Law teaches us that, when too much pressure is placed on a single measurement, that measurement inevitably becomes corrupted to the point of being useless. A straightforward analogy is to physical health. An individual who worries only about weight is a strong candidate for anorexia and bulimia. On the other hand, the person who pays attention to muscle and skin tone, flexibility, endurance, a balanced diet, daily exercise, and personal appearance–as well as weight–is NOT a candidate for an eating disorder.

“The same principle applies to education: When a system values (and measures) many aspects of schooling, such as the amount of art…

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