Study Suggests Bringing “No Excuses” Discipline Policies from Charter to Public Schools

The beginning of this reminds me of a JOKE a teacher was telling when they suggest the fastest way to fix the tardy problem was to “shoot the first tardy student in the leg” and then no one else would be tardy again.



The teacher begins class by taking out her Glock.

She casually walks to the front of the room and shoots a misbehaving student in the head.

All the others immediately begin working on their assignment.

It sounds like something from a horror movie. But it’s actually not all that far away from what real researchers at the Brookings Institution and Princeton University are suggesting we do.

Sarah Cohodes has written a new report called “Charter Schools and the Achievement Gap” that praises “No Excuses” discipline policies at urban charter schools and suggests they be more widely implemented at traditional public schools serving the poor and students of color.

I wish I were kidding.

Let’s return to the hyperbolic situation with which I began this article.

The noise of a gunshot brings the principal racing to the classroom.

She notices the slumped bleeding body of the shot child and walks…

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