D.C.: “Model” School District Mired in Graduation Rate Scandal, Raising Questions about All Claims of Progress

Diane Ravitch's blog

There is a new scandal in the District of Columbia that has shaken true believers in Rhee-style reform to their core. An independent investigation of the high school graduation rate determined that 1/3 of the district’s graduates should not have received a diploma.

Reformers have been touting the District of Columbia public schools as a model of success ever since Michelle Rhee wielded her broom and swept away every “bad” teacher. Although she had no prior experience as an administrator or principal, she was chosen by Mayor Adrian Fenty to overhaul the school system. She did so in a spirit of meanness. She openly scoffed at collaboration, which she said was for losers.  She set out to fire as many teachers and principals as she could, and she set test score goals that every school was expected to meet. She left when the mayor who appointed her was defeated in…

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