The original GOP Tax Bill would have benefited one of the most far right colleges in the country that many West Michigan elites support – Hillsdale College

Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy

It is not a stretch to say that the GOP Tax Bill will continue to war on working people, the poor and disproportionate communities of color. This graphic here, makes it clear who the primary beneficiaries are with the tax bill.

However, in addition to how this tax bill will benefit the rich, there are other aspects of it that we should pay attention to. For instance, there is a provision on page 289 that, “would exempt certain colleges from a special tax on university endowments. It would only apply to colleges that: 1. Did not accept federal funds, and 2. Had an endowment of at least $500,000 per student.” 

There is actually only one college in the entire country that meets this requirement – Hillsdale College, located in the southern part of Michigan.

Hillsdale College has an interesting history and is one of the colleges in the…

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