Small Houston Charter Pays Low Teacher Salaries, but Outsize Salary to Administrators

Yet another example of the out of control charter school industry. There must be some basic framework for all charter schools to minimize the number of controversaries.

Diane Ravitch's blog

In Texas, state officials ignore charter school abuses, since these schools are supposed to be deregulated and “innovative.”

Thus comes the story of Accelerated Intermediate Academy, a tiny charter school in Houston whose superintendent is paid $275,000 a year, whose teachers are paid less than public school teachers, and which has two years of operating expenses in reserve and a luxury condo in downtown Houston. While $12.5 Million is stashed away, the children are taught in windowless trailers.

“For more than a decade, the leaders of Accelerated Intermediate Academy have run their small Houston charter school on a lean budget, paying teachers below-average salaries and educating kids in modest facilities resembling portable trailers.

“At the same time, the school’s superintendent, Kevin Hicks, has drawn an annual salary of about $250,000 – a seemingly outsized sum given its roughly 275 students and 20 employees. The school is also sitting on a…

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