The Billionaires Who Got Rich Selling Opiods

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The New Yorker has a long and incisive article about the Sackler family and how they became one of the richest families in America. Their net worth is somewhere in the neighborhood of $13 billion and growing. They are notable philanthropists who have endowed major institutions.

It is called “The Family That Built anEmire of Pain.”

The Sackler fortune derives from their pharmaceuticals company, which created and marketed OxyContin and minimized its risks. Now the country is ravaged by the opioid crisis. And the Sacklers have never been held accountable.

What you will not learn from the article is that the Sacklers are major supporters of charter schools. Jonathan Sackler funded ConnCAN, then 50CAN. His daughter Madelyn Sackler made a hagiographic documentary about Eva Moskowitz called “The Lottery.”

The Sackler opioid money is used to killpublic schools.

To read it all, you can buy a short-term subscription to the…

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