Cub Scout Tossed Out of Pack for Asking State Legislator Reasonable Questions

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A Cub Scout was thrown out of his pack after he asked a state legislator why she supported gun legislation that allowed a wife-beater to own a gun. The brave little boy then asked why owning a gun was a right but having health coverage was a privilege.

Shame on his pack leader!

Exercising free speech is a right too!

No wonder membership in the Boy Scouts is declining and they opened membership to girls. Let’s hope they are as outspoken as Ames Mayfield.

The New York Times reports:

“When a group of Cub Scouts met with a Colorado state senator this month, they asked her about some of the most controversial topics in the nation: gun control, the environment, race and the proposed border wall between the United States and Mexico.

“But questions from one Cub Scout, Ames Mayfield, 11, got him kicked out of his den in Broomfield…

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