The Great Tennessee Achievement School District Experiment Finally Comes To An End

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Six years ago the Tennessee Achievement School District launched with a five year mission to, in their words, ‘catapult’ schools in the bottom 5% into the top 25%.

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 8.45.43 PM This is their old website, before they changed it when it was evident there were not going to reach their goals.

Tennessee won $500 million in Race To The Top money and dedicated millions of that into the creation, and most importantly, the marketing of it.  The marketing firm they hired is very proud of the work they did and still feature the ASD on their websites as a successful promotional campaign.

The way an ‘Achievement School District’ works is that the district takes over low performing schools and either runs it themselves or, more commonly, gives them to a charter network.  In 2011 the ASD comprised of six schools and now that has grown to over thirty schools.

Two years into…

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