I Taught At The XQ Houston Super School

Gary Rubinstein's Blog

On September 8th Steve Jobs’ widow, Laurene Powell-Jobs, purchased a prime time commercial free hour on the four major TV networks to broadcast something called XQ Super School Live.  Reformers were celebrating and tweeting about viewing parties and things like that.  Though about half the broadcast was musical numbers, there was some content, though it is a bit difficult to know exactly what this program was supposed to accomplish.

Now it’s been about two weeks and this thing really has come and gone with little traction.  In some ways it had a little of something for everyone and it also had things that disappointed reformers and other things that disappointed reform critics.

The first two minutes of the program had a typical ‘Waiting For Superman’ message that our schools are failing since on the international test scores we ranked 31st in math and 20th in language skills.  Numbers like this…

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