Eva Moskowitz Chastises Dan Loeb, Ever So Gently

Diane Ravitch's blog

Billionaire Dan Loeb has raised many millions for Eva Moskowitz’s Success Academy charter chain. He has also donated generously to the chain, to Cuomo, to the breakaway Democrats who enable Republicans to control the State Senate (and block tax increases for billionaires), and to Congressional Republicans (who want to remove health care from millions of Americans and give tax breaks to billionaires).

Loeb said something bad. He compared the leading Democrat, a black woman, to the Ku Klux Klan and said she was worse.

So Eva had to say something about the chair of her board. She said his vile, racist rant was “insensitive.”

But she said he has done many wonderful things, which apparently overshadow the one time he let his true feelings show in public.

So, don’t judge this man, says Eva, for his one racist comment. Offensive as it was, he must be allowed to raise more…

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