Note to Media in Louisiana: Don’t Mess with Mercedes Schneider

Diane Ravitch's blog

Mercedes Schneider teaches high school in Louisiana. She has a doctorate in statistics and research methodology, and she taught in higher education. She is careful with facts and evidence.

Recently, she has been on a tear about Louisiana Superintendent John White, who rose rapidly through the ranks of corporate reform with skimpy credentials. By law, he is supposed to have taught for five years to qualify as the top educator in Louisiana. Schneider says he never taught for five years. A media outlet in Louisiana rose to John White’s defense.

Mercedes Schneider responds, with facts and evidence.

The interesting question is why so many states and districts bend the law or ignore it to install unqualified people to take charge of education (think Joel Klein in New York City, Michelle Rhee in D.C., Hannah Skandera in New Mexico).

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