Steven Singer: Learn about Education by Reading Teacher-Written Blogs, Not Corporate Media

Diane Ravitch's blog

Steven Singer says that anyone in search of understanding education today should turn to teacher-written blogs, not the corporate media. The teachers know what they are talking about. The corporate media, with a few exceptions, recycles the talking points of their corporate owners.

He begins by explaining that everyone has a perspective, even though they seem to be objective:

“Let’s get one thing straight right from the get go: I am biased.

“But so are you.

“So are the parents, students, principals and school directors. So are the policymakers, the corporate donors and professional journalists.

“Everyone involved in education policy is interested in one side or another of the debate. It’s just that some pretend to practice a kind of objectivity while others are open about their partiality.

“It’s unavoidable. I’m a public school teacher. Not merely someone who’s taught in a public school for a few years – I’m…

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