The Problem With Public Schools Isn’t Low Test Scores. It’s Strategic Disinvestment



Imagine you’re settling in to enjoy an article on-line or in your favorite print newspaper and you come across this headline:

U.S. Schools Ranked Low Internationally!


Out of X Countries, U.S. Places Far From the Top in Math!

You feel embarrassed.

Soon that embarrassment turns to anger.

Sweat starts to break out on your brow.

And then you start to grasp for a solution to the problem – something major, something to disrupt the current system and bring us back to our proper place in the lead.


That was me blowing a gym teacher’s whistle. I’ll do it again:


Hold it right there, consumer of corporate media. You’ve just been had by one of the oldest tricks in the book.

It’s the old manipulate-the-data-to-make-it-look-like-there’s-a-crisis-that-can-only-be-solved-by-drastic-measures-that-you-would-never-approve-of-normally.

We also call it disaster capitalism or the shock doctrine.

It’s been used to get people to agree to

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