Texas: Voucher Proposal Won’t Help Children with Disabilities

The thing that will not die….especially with the zombie master at the helm. thanks Lt. Dan

Diane Ravitch's blog

They’re baaaaccckkk!

The zombies called vouchers will be introduced again in the Texas State Senate, once again under the fraudulent claim that they are intended for children with disabilities.

Governor Greg Abbott is calling a special session, holding new state funding hostage in exchange for vouchers. Once again, we pray, the Texas House of Representatives will stop the voucher proposal. The House has saner and wiser people than the State Senate.

Texas’s very own version of Rush Limbaugh, the former rightwing talk-show host and current Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, will once again promote his favorite obsession.

The vouchers won’t help many–or any– kids with disabilities, because private and religious schools are not equipped to help them and don’t want them.

One parent of a child with special needs testified against vouchers in the last session. Her child was turned away by 13 private schools.

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