Is Texas the Future of America? Let’s Hope Not!

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This is a fascinating and funny and scary article about politics in Texas, written by Lawrence Wright, a Pulitzer Prize winning author and staff writer for The New Yorker.

The title of the article is “America’s Future is Texas,” and we better hope it is wrong.

When I was growing up in Houston, the state was reliably Democratic, although the Democrats were conservative.

Now the state is a red state, and Republicans have gerrymandered the districts so that they control everything.

The Republican party is divided more or less into two factions: those who are sane and concerned about protecting the state’s reputation as a friendly place to do business; and those who are to the right of the Tea Party and obsessed with God, guns, abortion, homosexuality, border security, lowering taxes, and tormenting people who are transgender.

The story has many very funny anecdotes about Texas craziness, along with…

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