John Kuhn: The Hypocrisy of the Texas State Senate, Protector of Inequity Towards Neediest Children and Schools

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John Kuhn is superintendent of a school district in Texas. He is one of the nation’s most eloquent spokesmen for children and public schools. He first came to national attention when he spoke at the Save Our Schools March in Washington, D.C. In 2011.

He describes the recent legislative session, where an effort was made to improve school funding, but the Semate leaders knowingly sabotaged it.

He writes:

“There was a dramatic showdown in the Texas legislature two days ago.

“First, some backstory. A year or so ago, well over half the school districts in the state sued Texas for funding schools inequitably. Schools in wealthier areas with higher property values get significantly more education funding per pupil than school districts in areas with lower values, even though it is in the poor areas where one finds larger concentrations of students with illnesses, learning disabilities, and challenging home situations that…

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