Bret Wooten Asks Some Important Questions about Our National Investment in Education

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Bret Wooten, a businessman in a small town in Texas, sent this letter to newspaper in the state. He asks whether we really care about our future if we neglect our most important investment: Our children. He previously posted his reaction to visiting his wife’s classroom.

Are you concerned about the future of this country?

Me too, but not in the way most people seem to be. We as a nation are willing to invest countless dollars in our military, transportation and communication infrastructure. Yet, we have faltered when it comes to investing in the most important of all of our infrastructures, our intellectual infrastructure.

If we are not producing the best and brightest other nations will. China alone produces 5 times the number of engineers the US does, year after year. The sheer weight of those numbers almost guarantees we will be out innovated, a prospect I shudder to…

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