David Kristofferson: What Everyone Needs to Know about AP Exams

Diane Ravitch's blog

David Kristofferson tutors students for AP exams in California. He sees a scam that benefits mainly the College Board, which sells the exams for $100 per students and rakes in millions.

He wrote this article to share what he has learned.

The first thing that parents and others need to do is that the passing scores on these exams are very low.

Parents don’t realize that the passing scores for at least some of these exams are set very low. When their son or daughter passes with a 3, 4, or 5, parents are elated without understanding what this really means.

For example, the minimum passing score to get a 3 for AP Physics 1 for 2015 was only 41%. Despite that low bar, 63.1% of all students who took the exam were not able to pass it!

41% was the minimum score for a 4, and 71% for a…

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