Joseph Batory: America is Great Again (But Not Really!)

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Joseph Batory, a retired superintendent in Pennsylvania, told me that he has tried everything to distract him from the events taking place in the nation: Walking in the woods, cutting down news consumption, exercise, mood music. It hasn’t worked. So he has finally given in and admitted all the ways in which America is “great” again (note the air quotes, as in “wiretapped”):

He writes:

America Is Now Great Again!

By Joseph Batory

It’s morning in America. America is great again. Below are the reasons why!

1. America’s supposed “man of the people” leader has surrounded himself with ideological corporate bosses and multi-millionaires determined to pollute our environment, ignore the needs of the poor, dramatically increase corporate welfare, and privatize public schools. What wonderful gifts for the people!

2. USA citizens no longer have any need to read…or think… or analyze. Bizarre hallucinatory tweets in the middle of the night…

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