Sara Stevenson: What Do State Tests Really Cost?

Diane Ravitch's blog

Sara Stevenson, librarian at the O. Henry Middle School in Austin, says that Texans should calculate the true cost of state testing.

It is not just the purchase price of the tests. It is also the cost of the time of teachers and others, like herself, who monitor testing.

Instead of teaching or in Sara’s case, tending the library, their time is spent as test supervisors.

Republican Representative Jeff Leach has proposed that the state do a true financial audit to measure the real cost of testing.

Sara says this is a great idea.

Of course, the audit will not take into account the time that students lose when they should be getting instruction, nor will it measure the distortion of education by focus on testing as the be-all and end-all of schooling.

In other words, what exactly are we paying for — and how much are we spending annually?…

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